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FREE gift with every order!

From: Bit Bank Australia Jul-21-2021 12:50:pm
We're here to help with all your bitting questions during lockdown
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FREE Gift With Every Purchase!

Most of Australia may be in lockdown but it's business as usual for us here at Bit Bank and we want to help you get over those boredom blues! 🐴

That's why every purchase will receive a FREE 30ml Effol Mouth Butter in Apple 🍎 flavour until stocks last. Just start shopping and your gift will be automatically added to your basket at checkout.

📞 Need some advice on which bit is right for your horse? We're here for you and can help answer all your bit questions.




Effol Mouth Butter is a tasty all natural moisturising and lubricating butter for your horses mouth, simply apply to the bit and lips each ride.

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